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ISIPO Assistant

ISIPO Assistant

The process of daily increasing advancement in todays working atmosphere, has involved medium and small units as part of the world class production chains and networks. The key to the next decade advancement will be in the hands of the medium and small industries progression.  The  studies have shown that the small industries are influential to the world class economy by preparing working opportunities and increasing income; in addition, the world class competitive atmosphere, increasing distrust and demand for the various products has caused  more fortuity and grace towards these sort of industries. The recent studies of the World Class Bank shows that the small industrial units in the developing countries, have had tangible effects on the occupation and national income and from this point of view have played an important role in the well- distributed and equal growth.

Regarding the general purposes of advancement such as poverty obliteration, public welfare, social justice, zone balances and economic autonomy, some policies have to be taken to ease access to these purposes. Having a look at the policies taken by other countries, the small industries position is quite observable. In fact, the small industries can play an important role by removing problems such as unemployment and unequal income distribution. Totally the main role for the medium and small industries in the economical and industrial advancement can be summarized in helping to the equal income distribution, employment, industrial advancement expedition in the role of sub- branches for big industries and producing added value. More over the cases such as persuading investment culture, speeding up while benefiting and attention for the enterprise opportunity expenses, more production value with less investment and economizing the usage of foreign currencies can all be known as other effects of small industries on the economy.

For this very purpose, ISIPO, is consist of various expert service and IT groups for its supportive purposes coming true and in order to ease benefits for the industrial units located in the industrial cities.

Dept. of IT Services and Business

Department of IT services and Business is a construction building located in IT cities or industrial cities that presenters of consulting and technical and engineering and also training consultants are staying there to give services to industrial units.


Holding occupational training, management, and proficiency courses for the industrial units located in the industrial cities to meet the need for essential training of industry and staff and getting to know new training concepts in industry in order to increase developmental features and increase benefits.

Industry clinic

Providing an extensive network of industrial experts, professors, laboratories, and workshops based on a systematic process and giving special technical consults to non-governmental industrial and mining units for resolving technical problems and increasing products from qualitative and quantitative aspects.

Industrial type proposals

Regarding the importance of the possibility study in the outset of the plan, and with the purpose of industrial developments, possibility studies of the proposals that are capable of industrialization will be left to the right consultants and the results will be open to public access by the company website.


Exchange System of Subsidiary Industrial Contractor (spx)

Exchange system for subsidiary industrial contractor is one of the models of industry development which with oldness of more than 20 years has been designed and implemented in different countries by United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).

Development of Industrial Clusters

Industrial cluster is a group of trade units which has been concentrated in a geographical area and an industrial tendency. These units by collaborating and completing one anothers activities, product and present a number of goods and services and have common challenges and opportunities.


Financial Supports from Small Industries

  • 1- Granting facility plans (such as technical and credit supports by agency of Mining Industry and Agricultural Bank and plan of creating 100,000 job opportunity by agency of Melli Bank.
  • 2- Industrial Justice Plan ( Industrial Justice Plan by creating 500,000 job opportunity through out the country )
  • 3- Small industries investment guarantee found( with purpose of covering confirmed plans securities shortages of agent Banks in small industries field)

Products Fair

Holding and participating local fairs, holding permanent products fairs in Industrial Estates and, required support from industrial units interested in taking part in fairs.


Developing Market

Small industries market studies in different group of activities, training market skills promotion, cooperation with trade organization and -for developing small industries market, updating database of interested units for admission of foreign investment and support for formation of consortium for export.

International Affairs

-Cooperation with the international organizations to support small industries.

- Holding workshops in accordance with international agreements.

- attending international seminars to experience exchange and visit to other countries.