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Tehran industrial estates (parks) Co. goals are to move pollutant industry from inside Tehran to industrial parks (estates) around the Tehran and to prepare industrial land with appropriate infrastructures for plants with new license which is issued by Tehran industry and mines agency

Only factories with food and Hi-Tech related products and plants which have an old version license are allowed to establish inside restricted region of Tehran. (restricted region of Tehran is a circle with 120 km radius which is centered on Tehran city) .Nevertheless some prominent industry buy an active old license which has same production process as their process to be allowed to work inside restricted region. (Before any negotiation it must be proved that the license is valid and has been active .So it is strongly recommended to consult with industry and mines agency in Tehran .For those which cannot apply through mentioned ways only Eshtehard and Froozkooh industrial parks are available in Tehran province.

New initiative has been arranged recently for leather industry .Which allowed them to establish new leather industry in Charmshar and Salareih industrial park under cluster boosting plan.

Some other initiatives have been adapted for those which complete their plant earlier than predicted plan. A ratio of discount will be given to remainder installment of their payments for The land according to The ratio of their acceleration in construction process. Also it is necessary that completion and activity of plant has been confirmed by each industrial park manager and Tehran industry and mines agency .