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Five Year Vision

In 2019 Tehran Industrial Parks Co, will be a knowledge-oriented Company which in its activity region small and medium industrial units of the province has been settled and organized. Moreover, required software and hardware facilities for growth and development of industrial units, with the purpose of quality promotions compatible with neighboring countries, will be realized.

Advantages of Settling in the Industrial Parks.

Non requirement of obtaining separate permission from different organizations.

Availability of infrastructure facilities such as water, electricity, gas, telephone center, roads, and industrial sewage filtration.

Acceleration in establishing industrial unit considering the availability of infrastructure facilities in the industrial parks

Issuing Occupancy permit certificate in the shortest possible time and free of charge.

Tax exemption for 10 years in industrial estates that outside 120 km of Tehran after obtaining land, receiving permission from Tehran Province Industry, Mine and Trade Organization and coordination announcement with the Tehran province  Economic Affairs and Finance organization

Deduction of cost price because of using facilities in common.

Using required ancillary services for production.

Using present consultants within Technology and Business Service Centers – (TBSCs)

 Easy access to Bonus.