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Hi-Tech Industries

According to recent government decision the 120 Km restricted area of Tehran which was set to ban construction of new factory was removed for Hi-Tech industry.
Hi-Tech industry include :

Electronics industry :( design & production)

Computer components except assembly & S.K.D - Integrated Circuits- Hi-Tech Electronic communication Devices

New materials
New ceramics- composites-Hi-tech Polymers- ultar conductors

Biotechnological industry
Diagnose kits & Hi-tech Drags - Nutrition additives -Biopolymers- Bioreactors -Biotechnological chips - biological Fertilizers & enzymes

Laser & Optic industry
Lenses- laser appliance - Fiber optic cable - crystals & thin optical layers - optomecanics

Robots & automation
Operation control tools & devices - precise instruments - controllers - sensors - Robots

Safe application of nanotechnology in electrical engineering, computer, medicine, environmental protection, energy, etc

Software production & networksevices- IT base systems

Aerospace industry
Aerial navigation systems, Aerodynamical & aeromechnical systems of civilian aircrafts, satellite technology

New enegy sources
Fuel cell, solar conventers

For those which have not mentioned above admission of High-Tech Industry Center is mandatory