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Presenting Tehran Industrial Parks Co,
 Tehran Industrial Parks Co has been founded twenty four years ago with the purpose of establishing industrial Parks, inside Tehran Province Limits, to provide infrastructural facilities for them. This company is one of the most expanded and active industrial complex of Iran. The goal of the company is creating a sufficient structure for industrial development of the country as well as gathering small and medium industries inside geographic Areas of Tehran Province, The main purpose of the company is not only creating added value for the industry owners but also transmission of polluted and disturbed industries from Tehran city and its suburb to suitable places for the sake of environmental protection.
Hence, Tehran Industrial Parks Co
, is required to observe the following principles:
- Prioritization of  outstanding 
quality in the company.
-Providing software services
and also consultancy services to the applicants of industrial and logistic units.
Employing highly motivated and efficient manpower as well as expert consultants.
-Employees participation in running up different departments of this company

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